5 Best Twitch Panel Makers

Twitch panels serve a significant purpose by decorating your channel with graphics that communicate important information to people who attend your streams or simply decide to check out your channel. Creating an attractive design for the panels is crucial in terms of making a solid first impression, as well as providing quality visual content to your current fans.  

Twitch Panel Banner Size Guidelines

Twitch has specific dimensional requirements, namely that every panel banner size should not exceed 320px in width and 300px in height. In case your panel is over these limits, Twitch will automatically resize it to meet the above maximums upon uploading it onto your channel. Also, a file size with your graphic must be under 2.9 MB. 

Twitch Panel Maker Options:

It is time to get ourselves into the main theme and discuss some great Twitch panel maker programs available on the web.

Nerd or Die 

This application has been around for quite some time and has been embraced by a sizable number of streamers in the community. It has got a very simple interface that offers basic customization features.

Key features: 

  • Choose your panel colors, font size, icon and text to include on the graphic 
  • Padding option allows to add empty space between an image and text that you might put underneath your panel 
  • Fixed template 


  • Interface with an easy interactivity 
  • Developed by a well-known and trusted brand among streamers
  • Free to use


  • Single template that hinders creative designing 
  • Used by a lot of streamers making it harder to stand out with this style
  • To change the font family, you must have it installed on your computer first 

Visuals by Impulse

Similar to Nerd or Die, this panel generator has a basic beginner-friendly editor allowing for a quick graphic creation without requiring any advanced design knowledge . 

Key features: 

  • Fixed panel template 
  • Sub text availability to write below the title 
  • Diverse text alignment options 


  • Free to use 
  • Rich icon selector and possibility to change its color 
  • Allows to get a panel done in a matter of minutes 


  • Standard panel shape that looks a bit stale 
  • Inner graphic glow that cannot be removed 
  • When increasing both title and text sizes, the panel looks packed, due to the overall template limits

OWN3D Design Panel Extension

This panel editor is available right within Twitch itself. To use it, you need to first install the extension on your channel and then you will be able to configure it through the panel editor on your channel page. 

Key features:

  • Cool animated panels to choose from alongside the usual static ones 
  • Nice variety of vibrant panel designs 
  • Supports Twitch markdown allowing to write a text description underneath the panel within the editor   


  • Convenient usability within Twitch without the need to leave the platform 
  • Free to use with high-quality templates 
  • More designs and languages are set to be added to the extension 


  • Vertical dropdown menu style for all the panels that you add to your channel
  • Slightly hard to configure when using for the first time, due to the lack of guidance within the extension 
  • The panels do not appear as separate graphics on the channel, and are instead positioned inside the extension’s branded frame  


While not being considered as a standalone Twitch panel image maker, this creator is a powerful tool when it comes to stylish graphics. It is a great solution if you want to learn ‘’how to make a custom Twitch panel’’on your own, as Canva has a high degree of versatility and customization features that can easily rival dedicated panel editor software. 

Key features: 

  • Beginner-friendly interface with a wide variety of design features
  • Diverse customization elements ranging from background selection to photo uploads 
  • Ability to work on multiple designs simultaneously on the same page


  • Option to set custom design dimensions 
  • Free to use 
  • Many diverse non-Twitch-related templates that could be turned into creative panels to stand out 


  • It does not have the same plug and play design, compared to the free panel generator applications 
  • No current availability of Twitch panel templates for an easy configuration 
  • Requires more time commitment to complete an attractive panel graphic   


Similar to Canva, this is not a conventional Twitch panel image maker but a website with a rich variety of mockups that offers the panel editor feature. 

Key features: 

  • Professionally-designed templates 
  • Single paid download and monthly or yearly subscription options giving access to the whole suite of products  
  • 48 Twitch panel templates are currently available  


  • Stylish graphics for a wide variety of panel names 
  • Graphic shape customization features within the editor for a greater visual impact 
  • Availability of templates for additional Twitch channel branding needs, such as banners and overlays


  • Each template costs $2.95 to download
  • Free usage is only possible through a monthly or yearly subscription for $14.95 and $99.95 respectively
  • The panel editor is a bit spread out and has customization features that are not easy to successfully apply to get a decent end product   

Comparison Table

Price Template Quality and Sophistication  User-friendliness 
Nerd or Die Free Moderate High but limited customization 
Visuals by Impulse Free Low High but limited customization
OWN3D Free High Moderate with prearranged customization 
Canva Free N/A. Self-creation only High with diverse customization
Placeit Paid High Low with moderate customization


How To Add A Twitch Panel To Your Channel

Whether you are using a free Twitch panel maker or a paid one, each graphic will need to be manually uploaded onto your channel. Here is a quick process breakdown on how to do it.

  1. Click the Edit Panels switch from Off to On on your channel page under the stream video screen
  2. Change the panel data as you wish by editing its title, image, embedded image link, and description
  3. Click Submit to save your work
  4. If you would like to add a new panel, click the Plus (+) sign located on the right-hand side 
  5. Finally, slide the Edit Panels switch from On to Off to go back to the normal channel page view, and see how the newly added panels look

Following our analysis of the best Twitch panel makers, it is hard to confidently infer which is the best one to use after all. All of them have their respective benefits and drawbacks at the same time. We suggest starting with the free options to get a feel of which creator responds best to your panel branding needs. In case you are captivated by the great paid designs offered by Placeit, try them out as well, if you do not mind forking out some cash and feel like they will make you stand out among other streamers.  

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