How To Make A Twitch Panel: Step-By-Step Guide 


Introduction To Twitch Panels 

Twitch Panels are graphics that you could place on your channel page to showcase various information, such as general data about yourself or a stream setup you are using. 

There are essentially three types of panels that are most often utilized by streamers: 

  • Types Of Twitch Panels

    There are two types of panels that you can choose from, when it comes to the panels’ style.

    1. Text and/or Image Panel – there are different ways to use this type, here are 2 great ways to use them:
      1. Text & Image: When using this type, you add some accompanying text to provide a meaning above or below your chosen image. Note: If you’d like to format the text in your panel, you can use Markdown to format it, but you cannot use HTML or CSS formatting.
      2. Only Image: In this case, you only add an image. So if you want to change the text on it, you’ll have to edit the image and then upload it again.

    2. Extension. Made by third-party developers, extensions are installed from within your Twitch profile and allow for a more engaged interaction with your content.

Twitch Panel Dimensions 

Although you can show your full creativity when it comes to the design, there are certain requirements regarding what size a Twitch panel should be.

Each image should be no larger than 320px wide and 300px high. If you go over these Twitch panel dimensions, your graphic will be automatically resized to the above limits. In addition, the file size for every graphic should be no more than 2.9 MB to be uploaded on Twitch. 

Twitch Panel Size: Our Best Size Tip 

We recommend having the 320px wide and 100px high dimensions for the Twitch panel size to have the most visual impact.

How To Make Twitch Panels 

There are a number of ways on how to create Twitch panels, and we are going to explore two of them.  

Making custom Twitch panels on Canva

Canva offers a user-friendly interface that allows for a smooth creation of graphics without any technical skills. It is also free to use.

Once you have completed a quick registration on the site, proceed to creating a design and choose Custom dimensions. Then, input our best size for Twitch panels, 320px by 100px, and click on Create design.

On the next page, choose a background that you find fitting for your overall channel branding. It should now be prominently displayed on the right side of your screen. 

Now it is time to put some words on. In the Text section, select Add a heading.

Adjust both the font type and size to your liking using the editor bar on the top. If your background is too bright affecting the text clarity, adjust the blurriness through the Filter tab. 

If you would like to add any custom images to the design, you can do it through the Uploads section and then put them on your panel either forward or backwards. 

When done editing, proceed to downloading your design and now it is ready to use!

How to make custom panels on Photoshop 

The other method to create custom Twitch panels is via Photoshop. 

Create a new document, choose size and other settings, as shown on the image below. We use the 320px by 100px dimensions for this example only. It is better to exceed the maximum Twitch size requirements here, and go for something like 350px by 125px. A panel will come out sharp, when automatically resized by Twitch.  

Next, go to the Layers tab and create a New Layer. Choose two transparent layers.

Fill them in with a white and dark color respectively in the Paint Bucket Tool. Depending on your preferences, you can then change between the two backgrounds during the design process. 

Now let’s make a New Layer to add a nice shape to our design. In the Shape Tools, choose a shape that you prefer by right-clicking on PC or control-clicking on Mac, like the Ellipse and Rounded Rectangle Tool. Click and paint it on the layer. 

You can then add an image by pasting it inside the ellipse and a text inside the rectangle by using the Text Tool respectively. Just click on the layer to begin typing and the text will automatically be placed on top of it.

To make the background transparent, select both layers and delete them using the Trash Bin button. 

Finally, to save your work, head over to File and select Save As a PNG file. 

Twitch Edit Panels 

In order to upload a graphic on your Twitch channel, toggle on Edit Panels below your stream screen. Click on the Plus (+) sign and select Add a Text or Image Panel. 

These options will appear next. 

Disregard the Panel Title as you would end up duplicating the words inside your graphic. Add an external link to the panel if you would like to and then type in some description related to the theme of your panel, like About Me. 

After uploading the image, Twitch will show you a quick preview. When done editing, click the Submit button and the panel will now appear on your channel.

Our Recommended Twitch Panel Maker 

Out of the two applications analyzed here, we recommend Canva to tackle the issue on how to create quick yet stylish and visually appealing panels for your channel, given the simplicity and free-to-use features that it has. If you would like to learn about other programs, we discuss the best Twitch panel makers in this article.   

Our Pro Tips

In this section we will give some guiding tips and show you some examples featuring attractive designs. 

  • There is no golden rule on how to make Twitch panels in terms of the design type. Choose the style that you see fit so it best reflects your own personality 
  • Focus on the quality. Irrespective of the design you go for, whether it is a header or graphic panel, it needs to be visually appealing and catchy. So, do not compromise on both image and text quality
  • Incorporate custom images. Customize your branding by adding some designs like a cartoonish image of yourself to relevant panels. This way the audience will identify with you even more 
  • Add at least one Extension Panel. It could be a Top Cheerers leaderboard, countdown to your next stream or Twitter feed running in your channel description 
  • Avoid over-saturation. Viewers would like to see valuable content both during the stream and while browsing your channel, so try not to overwhelm them with a big number of panels.

Good Examples 

Below are some of the decent graphics that are worth considering for inspiration when designing or thinking about how to change your panels’ style. 

These are graphic panels that DrLupo has on his channel. They feature a modern design and text that is easy to read. 

This panel by Crescentine has got a cute header design with a well-written text that is brief yet informative. 

The extension panel by DrDisrespect has a nice color combination and slightly features himself on the background. 

To explore a wider variety of cool designs, check out our dedicated article on the best free Twitch panel templates.

Dos and Don’ts When Making Twitch Panels

What to do:

  • Add the following panels as a minimum: About Me, Rules, Subscribe,  Schedule, Social Media, Stream Setup and Donate
  • Choose one design theme for all the panels to create a homogeneous look for your channel  
  • Timely update the graphics, if any of the contained information changes 

What to avoid doing:

  • Do not entirely copy someone else’s style. Instead, draw inspiration and create your own design identity
  • Do not just put panels without any header description or text, like a simple social media icon. It would lessen the visual impact
  • Do not insert many panels with affiliate links, unless you are directly sponsored by a brand. If you decide to have any, balance them with your channel-related panels to preserve the harmonious visual appeal

We have discussed how to make custom panels for Twitch, as well as how to change and share them with your viewers through the editor. 

Twitch panels are important in terms of conveying information that your audience would like to know and there are many designs to go for. Decide on the style theme you want to implement on your channel and impress the viewers with your informative and visually impactful graphics.  


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