Get some inspiration for Custom emotes!

So you’ve finally hit affiliate status or even partner and you’ve unlocked the ability to use emotes! You’ve read up on the guidelines and, you’ve found yourself some awesome ideas and you’ve even found an artist to make them for you (or a program that you feel comfortable using to make them yourself)! – but you still don’t know exactly what you want to do??? Well, we have you covered in this article! Here’s a few emotes of some of the most awesome Twitch emote design ideas available for your inspiration!

Tfue’s face emote that bears a resemblance to his real life face appearance. Looking at the design with a curvy hair and slightly freakish emotional outlook, it could be used in a variety of situations on stream, especially as a giggling and sarcastic reaction to something.

Another subscriber emoticon offered by Tfue that has a more cartoonish design, lending itself to be used as a response to something that has been loved and appreciated by the audience. It has got a cute appearance with subtle points, such as the eyes, emphasizing the loving nature of this emote.

Being offered as an additional Tier 2 sub emoticon by Myth, this glyph looks like a professional studio image. Featuring an explicitly smirky face, the emote is personalized and gives value for the more committed Tier 2 subscribers.

Not being directly identifiable with Myth, but he has this super nice bottle-esque emote that captivates with its cuteness and makes you want to insert it in Twitch chat. The contrast of colors inside the bottle is also pretty decent.

Does the M sign look familiar? This is the logo of an energy drink brand Monster Energy that sponsors TimTheTatman and he has done a great job with a creative promotion. The emoticon features a thirsty creature consuming the drink that adds even more relevance to the brand.

Well played, sir! You do not often see these words, if at all, being used in this kind of combination. This emoticon with a hat on top that adds some cool and cultured style to the whole image is a great way for people to show appreciation for a nice bit of play or indeed sarcasm on stream.

This approving laughing out loud penguin evokes the same emotions that its image represents. What is more, this is a cartoonish depiction of Kevin, a penguin toy that is present on TimTheTatman’s streams. The emote is thus a real source of identity with the streamer and something viewers can relate to.

DrDisrespect is not your typical type of Twitch streamer with his very distinctive character who has even been dubbed ‘’a WWE character in the competitive gaming world’’. This karate emoticon truly conveys his unusual style.

This emoticon is a good example of personal branding implemented by DrLupo that features his logo on a cup of coffee. The use of this emote is open to a wide interpretation on the part of viewers.

An interesting mix of a powerful bear force fully embracing the love. This is one of the designs that NICKMERCS offers to his Tier 1 subscribers. The emoticon is bound to get the chat excited when it gets used.

‘’Think’’ or more like ‘’think about it’’ says this DrDisrespect’s emoticon that illustrates his famous glasses and moustache that form a vital part of his character on Twitch. This emote is pretty much an identical depiction of his real life face appearance.

A glyph by SypherPK that stirs emotions deeply inside, its design is both cute and causing a sense of compassion. It could be utilized in a variety of situations on stream.

If you would like to add a patriotic theme to your sub emoticon package like imaqtpie has done then this design could be used as a style basis for any country emoticon that you would like to offer to your audience.

Featuring a ‘’yummy’’ reaction, as an example, this emote design could well be used when a good play has taken place on stream, as it will give the audience a chance to show their response in an interesting way or actually refer to something tasty.

This is a face subscriber emote brought to you by a famous streamer LIRIK. It features an appearance that is similar to how he looks in real life with an overall pleasant design, coupled with a truly nice text.

An emote design by MontanaBlack88 that should go down well with soccer fans. Being shown as a final warning for breaking the rules of play in real life, this emoticon is a funny way to react to something ‘’unsportsmanlike’’ or simply support a banter on stream.

Putting your own face on a static image of a goat is unlikely to infer unwanted comparisons to this animal in the virtual world nowadays. Instead, Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) is what comes to mind and such a design could bring real authentic awesomeness to Twitch chat.

Have you tried dabbing? If not, chances are you have still seen it take place as part of some kind of celebrations or when somebody just fancies showing off their dance moves. Having yourself depicted dabbing is a pretty good recipe for a classy sub emoticon.

Of course, there is a Twitch famous CoolCat free emoticon, but how about a cool lemon to delight your subscribers with. The design looks unsophisticated but it would certainly grab the attention upon landing in the chat feed.

Although highly desirable to avoid, it is virtually impossible to imagine a stream chat without someone showing their dissatisfaction. This emoticon is a great way to respond to a toxic Twitch stream and chat activity.


Each sub emote idea is only limited to your own imagination and, of course, Twitch’s rules and regulations. Think of how you would like to portray your emoticons and delight the viewers with authentic and engaging designs. Feeling excited to learn more? We discuss in detail what it takes to make a good Twitch emote in this article.

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