30 Best Free Twitch Panel Templates To Make Your Stream Awesome

It is hard to imagine a serious Twitch channel that does not contain any panels. With the top streamers in the business changing their panels designs who are and branding using some form of panels, it is highly important to nail the designs so that your channel comes across as visually impactful and stands out among the competition. 

We are going to explore the best Twitch panel template options in this article so you get an understanding of the kind of styles available and some Twitch panel ideas to implement on your channel right away.      

How To Edit Twitch Panel Templates On Your Channel

Let’s quickly go through the process of how to get the panels displayed on your channel.

  1. Hit the Edit Panels switch from Off to On on your channel page underneath the video screen
  2. Alter the panel information as you see fit by editing its title, image, embedded image link, and description
  3. Click Submit to save your work
  4. Should you wish to add a new panel, click the Plus (+) sign positioned on the right side of the screen 
  5. Move the Edit Panels switch from On to Off to return to the regular channel page view, and check out the newly added panels

Twitch Panel Dimensions   

Whether you would like to add a new panel or replace an existing one on your channel, you have to conform to some of Twitch’s basic guidelines. 

The maximum allowed dimensions are 320px in width and 300px in height. Twitch will resize your panel when you try to upload it, if the graphic is over these limits.

However, we recommend sticking to the 320px by 100px size for your panel needs, if you decide to customize the templates. It is worth noting that your file size must not exceed 2.9 MB for Twitch to accept it. 

Twitch Panels To Have On Your Channel

As a streamer, there is a minimum set of some must panels you should have on your channel, in order to provide a solid overview of the necessary information to the viewers.

Here they are: 

  • About Me Twitch panel 
    • If you add only one panel to your channel “About me” should be it, viewers should know you so they can relate to you. Keep it short and to the point – 
      • where are you from
      • age
      • streamer since
    • Some streamers state the benefits from subscribing in this panel so they can show subscriber leaderboard in another panel
  • Rules Twitch panel 
    • Here you can state what your community can and can’t do while watching your stream, focus mostly on guidelines for the chat. 
  • Subscribe Twitch panel 
  • Schedule Twitch panel 
    • With your twitch schedule panel you’ll be able to present viewers exactly when they can expect to see you live, this will help viewers know when to expect you to go live when your channel is offline. 
  • Facebook or Twitter Twitch panel  
    • Pretty straight forward, just place links to your pages 
  • Donation Twitch panel  
    • Having a twitch donation panel will help you boost revenues from donation by stating clearly how your community should donate to you and what they’ll get in return. 
    • Another option is to place a paypal donation panel

In addition, there are some other optional panels that are nice to have in the mix:

  • PC specs Twitch panel 
    • Some nerdy stuff to help your community learn from your experience will also decrease the amount of people asking what keyboard you use.
  • FAQ Twitch panel 
    • Here you can give all the other info that didn’t make the cut to be shown in the About me panel. Up to 10 FAQs are enough. 
  • Top Donations Twitch panel 
  • Sponsors Twitch panel 
    • Usually sponsors will want to have their own designed panel showing on your channel so not a lot of work for you to do other than put it. 
  • Discord Twitch panel 
    • Similiar to Facebook and Twitter panel but some streamers keep their Discord server private only for subscribers. 

Twitch Panel Ideas: Free Twitch Panels pack And Paid Alternatives To Consider 

With a diverse amount of templates being on offer, it is often hard to set your sights on one specific one, so let’s dive right away into the best twitch panel templates and so by the time you finish reading this review you’ll know exactly which are the best paid and free Twitch panels best suited for your channel.

Cute free Twitch panels:

As you can imagine these type of panel will be mostly used by female streamers but not only. This type of template will give a relaxing feel for your channel.
Look how justfoxii is using a cute design Twitch panels in her channel 

Anime Twitch panels:

A more niche template working well with a variety of games, these panels will work well with a younger audience like in the case of never loses

Black and white Twitch panels 

Slick and to the point, probably a good choice if your not sure yet what type of game you are going to stream.
Black has added some color in his black and white Twitch panels with the icons. 

Christmas Twitch panels 

Festive template for the holiday season, make sure you switch back to another template when you’re back from your holiday vacation…

Green Twitch panels 

They say green is the most soothing color and this might be the reason these panels are so popular among streamers
Check how green Twitch panels work in Shortyyguy’s channel

Blue Twitch panels
Same as other solid color panels this will work with all type of games for both female and male streamers.
The good thing with Solid color Twitch panels is they work well when you have several sponsored designed panels in various colors like in the case of TimTheTatman who uses Blue panels. 

Simple text Twitch panels 

You do not necessarily need to have graphical images to make the right impression to your viewers, as it could just be a conventional text style, make sure you choose a simple font so the heading will be easy to read.
One streamer who choose to go with simple text is  Wanjin .

Flat Design Panels 

The first category we are going to look into is graphic panels that are clean in design making them very easy to read and their style will work well with all types of streams. 

The first example is the graphics used by summit1g. With over 4 million followers, he uses panels that perfectly respond to the flat style.

We have covered a variety of Twitch templates that will lighten up your stream’s interaction experience. There is hardly a single best Twitch panel template to choose from, as the style preference is a subjective matter. Visualize your own channel branding and set it up in the way you see fit for both yourself and the viewers. 


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