Twitch Partner Requirements & Tips: How To Become A Twitch Partner

Familiarize yourself with the Twitch Partner program requirements and learn the tips on how to become a Twitch Partner yourself!

If you know your way around Twitch, have been dedicating time to your streaming and are someone who is eager to find out all about the Twitch Partner program – you are in the right place!

This guide will explain what is a Twitch Partner status and walk you through the ins and outs on how to become one. 

What Is A Twitch Partner And Benefits Of Becoming One 

To start with, you will become a valued member of an elite streamer community that amounts to roughly just over 1% relative to the total number of broadcasters on the platform. 

Twitch provides value to its Partner program members in a number of ways. 

You will get access to a priority support team. Should you have any issues or simply need to get a platform-related question answered, the Partner Help team will assist you within 1-2 business days.

That said, there will also be an option to create your very own stream team. If you have a close community of like-minded streamers or would like to create one, the Partner status will allow you to do that. Despite only Partners being able to create teams, any streamer, irrespective of their status, could join, should they receive an invitation from you.

These are some of the cool features that distinguish you from the crowd, but there are also monetization aspects attached to the program that allow you to make money on Twitch.


  • Twitch subscriptions 


Twitch Partners are able to earn money by accepting subscriptions to their channels. There are four options: $4.99, $9.99, $24.99 and Twitch Prime. The latter sees people support your channel through their paid Amazon Prime service.

  • Ad revenue 

Partners can play ads on their channels and earn revenue off that. You will have a chance to control the frequency and length of the mid-roll ads through your Twitch account dashboard.


  • Bits 


These are virtual animated emotes that your viewers are able to purchase in Twitch chat and support you by cheering with the Bits. The latter is the most frequently utilised feature by the users which drives revenue generation for your channel.


  • Game sales


Whenever you are playing a game on stream that is on sale and/or its in-game items are in the Twitch store, your audience will see a link on your channel through which they can proceed to the online store and buy the products they were shown.   

To get a detailed overview of the value of the aforementioned revenue streams, as well as Twitch donations, we recommend reading our dedicated Twitch Monetization article.

How To Become A Twitch Partner: Main Requirements

The Twitch partnership guidelines include a set criteria that you have to meet to be eligible for an application.

Path to Partner

The “Path to Partner” is designed to help you grow towards being eligible for the Twitch Partner program.

Path to Partner includes three achievements:

  • Stream for 25 hours in the last 30 days
  • Stream for 12 unique days in the last 30 days
  • Reach 75 average viewers in the last 30 days

To be eligible for the Partner program, you must meet the requirements for the achievements above within the last 30 days. (You’ll see a checkmark next to the achievements that you’ve completed within the required time window.)

This means you need to stream for 25 hours, stream 12 unique days, and reach 75 average viewers all in the last 30 days to be eligible for Partnership.

Completing the above Twitch Partner achievements does not grant you an automatic status. There is no set time length, but you should satisfy the criteria within any of the 30-day periods. Once your eligibility is confirmed, there will appear an ‘Apply’ button on your achievements dashboard. Twitch usually gets back to applicants within 7 business days with their decision following the submission. 

Tips: How Do You Become Twitch Partner Faster

There is no golden rule on how to become a Twitch Partner easily but there are things you can do that will help to accelerate the path.

  • Be professional. Make sure you always have a quality stream with a camera, appealing channel layout and graphics.
  • Devise a content strategy unique to you. Pick a few games that you enjoy playing or are good at, and feel comfortable discussing them on stream with your audience. This way you will bring more value through the screen and not just mere entertainment.
  • Do not try to be someone you are not. Authenticity and sincerity on stream are a much better approach than aiming to emulate another person.   
  • Utilize your social media. Some people ponder how to be a verified Twitch Partner but fail to use their social networks to support building their presence and brand on Twitch. Regularly update your audience about upcoming streams, interact with them and make some cross-platform content to create synergy.

Twitch Partner vs Affiliate   

Apart from the revenue streams that are now the same for both Partners and Affiliates, there is some difference between them, as former get a number of exclusive perks that are not available to the latter category.

Partner vs Affiliate: Notable Distinctions 

Feature Twitch Affiliate Twitch Partner
Customized Sub Emotes  Up to 5 Up to 60 
Transcode Options  As available, depending on capacity  Guaranteed full access for the audience to adjust their viewing experience 
Squad Stream  N/A Yes, exclusively broadcast with your friends in the same window
Verified Channel Badge N/A Yes, exclusive 
Past Broadcast Storage 14 Days 60 Days
Stream Delay  N/A Yes, up to 15 minutes. Useful to avoid stream sniping and ensure fair play during competitive matches
Revenue Payout Fees Charged, depending on the payout method chosen  Exclusively covered by Twitch 

These are the main points that emphasize the difference between Twitch Partner and Affiliate.

How Many Partners Does Twitch Have And How Much They Earn 

From an estimated number of over 2 million monthly broadcasters, only around 27,000 are partnered on Twitch.

Not so long ago it was Ninja, unrivaled at the top of the Twitch pay scale, who was making around $5 million a year, before switching exclusively to Mixer. 

Another notable former Twitch streamer, DisguisedToast, opened up last year that having a follower base of just over 800,000 people, he was earning in the region of $20,000 per month, excluding any sponsorships. Which are not direct Twitch sponsors but external brands.

However, these could be considered as ‘Disneyland’ figures achieved by the very top creators. Given the fierce competition within the platform, some Partners are only making a few hundred dollars or less a month, while others might be getting little to nothing at all, as they constantly compete for the viewers’ attention.

Twitch Partner FAQ

  • Can I lose Twitch Partnership?

Unless you start deliberately or implicitly violating Twitch’s Terms of Service through a forbidden conduct, your Partner status will be safe and sound, even if your channel performance varies.

  • Do I get any Twitch employee benefits as a Partner?

No, the partnership program has nothing to do with being a Twitch employee, nor does it give you any extra benefits that the latter is entitled to, like health insurance. 

  • How hard is it to become a Twitch Partner after all?

On the back of what we have already discussed, it takes a fair amount of effort, dedication and perseverance to work towards achieving the Partner status. What is notable is that the number of slots available in the program is currently infinite. But, since it is at the discretion of Twitch to either accept or decline the application, they closely look at things like the content quality, ability to engage the audience, stream frequency beyond the minimum requirements and your general ability to stand out from the crowd.

  • Can Partners monetize their channel beyond the opportunities available within Twitch?    

Yes, providing you and your channel have received considerable following and social recognition, you could try and monetize it further through merchandise, sponsorship’s and event appearances. 


The Twitch Partner is the most sought after status for every creator on the platform. It puts you right at the top, together with the biggest esports teams, leagues and fellow streamers on Twitch.

It is a hard work process but you can absolutely get there. What is important is to keep doing it with joy and passion, and you will see how fast the results will come. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide. Feel free to spread the word and share it on Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

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