Introduction to Twitch Subscriptions: What Are Twitch Subscribers?

Twitch subscriptions are a great way for viewers to support their favorite streamers and earn some awesome perks! 

Whether you are a Twitch viewer or streamer, you most likely have some favorite channels which you enjoy watching. These channels that you love most likely are able to continue streaming because of earning money from Twitch subscriptions.

If you are new to Twitch you may not fully understand what Twitch subscriptions are, how they work, and just how they differ from followers. In this guide, we will provide you with all you need to know on how to get subscribers and successfully set up subscriptions on Twitch. 

How do Twitch Subscriptions work?

Twitch subscriptions work by providing an option for viewers to pay a monthly fee to support their favorite channels, this viewer then becomes a “subscriber”. This fee varies between $4.99 and $24.99 and typically allows the streamer to continue their channel by covering living and equipment expenses.

In return, the viewer is typically given special perks that are not available to regular viewers. Subscriptions allow for viewers to support streamers they love and for streamers to form more meaningful relationships with their viewers, while also earning money in the process.

What are the benefits?

Viewer Perks
  1. Badges The default badge for Twitch users is a star, but becoming a subscriber allows for customization of the badge. Streamers may also have their own badges which change for a subscriber the longer they stay subscribed, in order to show loyalty.
  2. Special Alerts A special button for sharing that appears in a channel’s chat room for a new subscriber when pressed, will display the subscriber’s username and the number of months they have been subscribed for. The streamer can also send a custom message to the subscriber.
  3. Exclusive “Subscriber-Only” Chat Room This perk tends to be popular with massive channels with thousands of followers, where the chat may crash due to all the messages. This chat will allow subscribers to enjoy a smaller, more organized chat room.
  4. Exclusive Competitions – It is common for streamers to host competitions and giveaways for their viewers, with special contests for their subscribers. Some channels even have automatic entries for subscribers.

Streamer Perks
  1. Revenue to improve their channel When streamers get money from subscribers it typically goes towards better equipment to improve the quality of their content. It may also go towards purchases of new giveaway items for their fanbase.
  2. Revenue to cover living expenses It comes as no surprise to most that life tends to get in the way of one’s goals. Having some extra money coming in from Twitch subscriptions can keep your favorite Twitch channels running. 
  3. Statuses Streamers can earn special statuses for their channel when they broadcast several times a week and gain more loyal subscribers along the way. 
Special Channel Roles
  1. VIPs Are important and valued subscribers to a streamer who are designated a special badge for that channel. They may post links in the chat even when they are disabled, are not affected by rate limits, and are not affected by slow, sub-only, or follower-only modes.
  2. Moderators These individuals are highly trusted subscribers whom the streamer has built up a close relationship with. They are tasked with maintaining order within the channel’s chat room and making sure the streamer is not disrupted. 
Subscriber-Only Streams

These streams are broadcasted only to your subscribers, VIPs, and moderators. They are treated as special streams and are only for those who have a higher level of loyalty to your channel. 

Pro tip:You might be wondering if subscriber-only streams might hurt your viewership statistics. The trust is that these streams should be only used for important broadcasts, such as meetings to suggest new content or channel direction, where you need to communicate with only your loyal follower base. These streams could also be used as an incentive to get more subscribers.

Understanding Twitch Subscriber Tiers

Up until April 2017, Twitch only offered one payment type for subscribers, which was a monthly payment of $4.99. In late 2017, Twitch began offering a total of 3 subscription tiers and there is no minimum amount of subscribers that a streamer needs in order to start earning money from subscriptions on Twitch.

Subscribers can now choose between 3 monthly payment tiers of $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99. All tiers provide the subscriber with the same perks, with either 1 or 2 extra emoticons. The real purpose of these tiers is for “super fans” of certain channels to provide larger payments to their favorite channels. 

Pro tip:This tiered structure allows for Twitch Partners and Affiliates to provide extra incentives for subscribers to select the higher tier payment options.

Understanding the difference between Viewers, Followers, and Subscribers

It might become confusing to Twitch newcomers about the difference between viewers, subscribers, and followers. Let’s summarize what each is and how they are different:


These are Twitch users that tune in and watch your stream. They attribute to your viewership count which is an important metric to measure. The longer a viewer sticks around on your channel and watches your stream, the more likely that they will convert into a loyal viewer and potentially, a follower or subscriber. The more loyal viewers you have, the more followers and subscribers you are most likely to obtain.


When a Twitch user follows your channel it means they enjoy your content. Whenever a user follows a channel, they have the option to be notified by Twitch whenever that channel is broadcasting live again. This metric may show just how many users wish to connect with your channel and support it. Messaging and knowing the usernames of your followers are just a few ways to build those needed relationships with them.


While both followers and viewers have the ability to donate money to your channel, subscribers show the most support by providing a channel with a monthly payment. Gaining subscribers will ultimately show just how much loyalty a channel has backing it. While there is no set formula that can calculate how many followers it will take to get subscribers, it is best to be patient and focus on producing good content and relationships with followers.

Pro tip:At times followers can be fickle, and only follow your channel because they hope you would follow them back in return. Do not ever do “follow-for-follow”, only follow accounts that you have an interest in.

Getting Started With Twitch Subscriptions

If you are a streamer who is wanting to know just how to get that Subscribe button on your channel or even how to gain more Twitch subscribers, then here we will break down everything you need to know. 

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate

In order to activate Twitch subscriptions, you must first achieve affiliate status. Turning on the option for subscriptions to your channel is only available for affiliates and partners.

Minimum Requirements to become an Affiliate:

In order to become a Twitch affiliate, the streamer must have all of the following over a 30-day time period:

  • At least 50 followers
  • 500 total minutes of broadcast time
  • 7 unique broadcast days
  • Average of 3 or more concurrent viewers


How do you get the subscribe button on Twitch?

Once you meet the requirements to become an affiliate, you will receive an email and dashboard notification inviting you to make it official. Accept the terms and conditions and the subscribe button is yours. 

How much money do you make from Twitch subscribers?

Twitch partners and affiliates can expect to receive 50% of the subscription fee when someone subscribes to their channel. For example, a streamer will receive $2.50 from the $4.99 monthly tier. 

Twitch has also been known to increase this rate for popular streamers in order to incentivize them to stay on the platform. Some increases have been anywhere from between 60 – 100%. 

Top 5 methods for getting more subscribers on Twitch
  1. Stream Often – Have a set schedule so your viewers know when your next stream is. Check your stream statistics for the exact days and times you get the most viewers and set your schedule accordingly. 
  2. Upgrade Your Streaming Equipment – Keep upgrading your gear if its either to better the quality of your stream or to add a few new tricks to it. Investing in your stream is important when wanting to get for subscribers, because who is going to want to subscribe to a poor quality stream?
  3. Communicate Clearly – Show to your audience that you really do care about them by responding in a timely manner to all messages in your chat. Always keep engaging with your viewers and do not be afraid to ask them to please subscribe during the stream in order to help you to continue providing the content they enjoy.
  4. Improve Your Gaming Skills – No one wants to see a streamer lose constantly or become frustrated at a game, they want to watch someone who is able to play a specific game better than they can. Pick your favorite type of game to play and practice at it. Your skills will impress your viewers and you can even offer useful tips. 
  5. Promote Your Channel On Social Media – Let your channel be known by letting your followers know when you are live on Twitch. You can also build your following by engaging with other gamers and streamers through social media channels. 
How to keep subscribers loyal to you
  1. Set Up Reminders For Your Streaming Schedule- It might prove difficult, but sticking to a consistent schedule will help your subscribers know when to exactly tune in. Be sure to add the days/times you stream to your “offline banner” on your channel and also on your social media pages.
  2. Engage With Your Subscribers- Give a shoutout to your subscribers over social media, create a subscriber-only chat, or message your subscribers directly are just a few ways you can show them that you really care about them. 
  3. Give Back- Organize giveaway contests, sending subscribers a small present for their birthdays, and finding ways to do something nice for them are great ways to give back. For example, consider helping them obtain a rare item in a game they play. 
  4. Remember the Names of Subscribers- Knowing your subscribers by their usernames can delight them each time they visit your channel and you great them by it. People like to be remembered and subscribers are no different.
  5. Stay Innovative With Content- Always bring something new to the table. Change up how your stream is run, the graphics displayed on your overlay, or even create little events to do during the stream, such as an AMA. 

Pro tip:Connecting with subscribers on social media and engaging with them regularly over several channels can both parties grow their followings.

Guide To Subscribing To Your Favorite Streams

If you are a Twitch user who enjoys watching streamers and is looking to start subscribing to some channels, then here is some helpful information to know before-hand. 

How do you subscribe to a channel on Twitch?

  1. Go to the channel page you wish to subscribe to and click the “Subscribe” button above the media player.

  2. Choose the monthly payment tier ($4.99, $9.99, or $24.99), or just hit the default option which is the $4.99 plan.
  3. Provide your payment method which can be a credit card, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, or even gift cards.

  4. As soon as the payment is processed you are officially a subscriber to the channel.

Subscribing with Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime provides users with exclusive emotes, badges, free digital content for video games, and a free monthly subscription to any partner or affiliate channel of their choice. If a viewer subscribes to a channel with Twitch Prime, the streamer will earn the $4.99 monthly payment automatically. The free Twitch Prime subscription deal can be redeemed by following the steps for the paid subscription, but clicking “Subscribe Free” instead of a payment option.

Viewers can unlock Twitch Prime by paying $10.99 a month or becoming an Amazon Prime subscriber. 

How to cancel/unsubscribe from a channel

  1. Select your account’s drop-down menu from the top right-hand corner of any page on Twitch.

  2. Click Subscriptions that will take you to a list of all your subscribed channels.
  3. At the right of the channel you wish to unsubscribe from, select Payment Info.
  4. Then select “Don’t Renew”, and be careful to take note of when you’ll be charged if you leave auto-renew enabled. 
  5. After selecting Don’t Renew, you will be officially unsubscribed from the channel. You may renew at any time and also provide feedback as to why you unsubscribed.

How to see and manage Subscriptions

  1. You can view all your subscriptions under the Subscriptions option in your accounts drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of any Twitch page.
  2. Twitch subscriptions are renewed on the same day, from the time the first payment was made, on the corresponding month for the payment plan selected. 
  3. To change a payment plan for a channel, head to the channel’s page and select Subscribed from the left of the chat to see the available rates the streamer has. Your current one has a green star next to it.
  4. Choose Subscribe Now next to the option you wish to have. The previous subscription will be canceled and your new one will begin immediately. 

Pro tip:If you are already an Amazon Prime user then you already have Twitch Prime!

Top 10 Twitch Streamers with the most Subscribers

Due to changes with some channels and streamer’s personal decisions, these numbers are subject to change. However, at the time of writing this article – here is a look at how many subscribers some of the top streamers on Twitch have.

  1. xQcOW:
    Subscribers: 32,384
  2. DrDisrespect:
    Subscribers: 28,428
    Subscribers: 25,117
  4. Nickmercs
    Subscribers: 24,846
  5. Castro_1021
    Subscribers: 24,682
  6. montanablack88
    Subscribers: 24,623
  7. DrLupo
    Subscribers: 23,604
  8. Summit1g
    Subscribers: 23,594
  9. AdmiralBahroo
    Subscribers: 22,681
  10. CohhCarnage
    Subscribers: 20,988

Subscriptions are a great way to help provide channels with the funding they need to keep running. In return, viewers can get more involved in streams and potentially build up lasting friendships with streamers by showing their loyalty.

If you know a streamer or active Twitch user who could also use some extra insight into Twitch subscriptions then be sure to share this article with them. 

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