The Ultimate Guide On Getting More Subscribers On Twitch

Level up with our ‘’how to get Twitch subscribers’’ guide that will teach you all you need to know to gain more subscribers on your Twitch channel.

Have you got a decent follower base on Twitch but you are hungry for more and looking to learn how to get Twitch subscribers who will actually make you some cash? You have landed in the right place! 

Twitch Bits might be a convenient way to make money on Twitch, but seeing your subscribers grow is a whole different feeling.

How much do you make from Twitch subscribers?

There are three monetary tiers, namely $4.99, $9.99 and $24.99, to which a person could subscribe. For every new subscription, you will get 50% of the transaction’s value, irrespective of the tier chosen. There is no upper limit on gaining subscribers on Twitch, so the opportunities to earn money are virtually endless.  

How To Get Subscribers On Twitch: The Basics

To start with, not everyone can just wake up in the morning and decide that they would like to start getting paid subscriptions to their channel. In order to be eligible for that, you first need to become a Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner on the platform. The former is the initial and easiest status to get, so the basic requirements are as follows: 

  • At least 500 total minutes broadcast in the last 30 days
  • At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days
  • An average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days
  • At least 50 Followers

Once you have fulfilled the above conditions, Twitch will send you an invitation to join the Twitch Affiliate program via email. After signing an agreement and completing the onboarding process, a “Subscribe” button will be permanently attached to your channel’s dashboard and visible to everyone.

On that note, a question that often gets asked is “how many followers to get subscribers on Twitch”? The answer is: it does not matter. Your channel could accept subscriptions at any moment following its eligibility confirmation. In addition, there is no real existing objective data regarding the number of casual followers needed to convert them into paying subscribers. However, the more the better and you can read how to get more followers on Twitch here

How To Get “Free” Subscribers On Twitch: Visual Appeal  

It is true that people are usually drawn to the quality of content and your own personality that is able to convey it in an entertaining way, but an appealing design of your channel greatly enhances both the initial perception and overall viewing experience, which could prove catalyst towards getting new subscriptions.

Channel Panels

Panels enable you to provide people with different information about yourself, stream schedule and sponsor items, to name a few. 

Depending on your own preferences, you could design the panels in a plethora of color patterns. It is important to include the most relevant information you would like to share with your audience, but not oversaturate, so that it is still easy to consume for the viewer.

Stream Overlays

Overlays are graphics that are superimposed on your stream screen and are a nice way to get the personal look for your channel while streaming. 

Creating a consistent theme will ensure your artistic touch will be distinguishable among the viewers and allow you to stand out from your peers who might be underutilizing this visual element. Needless to say, retaining current and attracting new viewers, followers and subscribers eventually, gets easier with a nicely designed overlay.

Importantly, your graphics should not hide any important in-game information, such as a minimap or inventory bar, as the audience tends to pay significant attention to such details and prefers a clean view. 

Twitch Extensions

Extensions are essentially interactive panels and overlays that further immerse your viewers into the stream action. By equipping your channel with things like real-time in-game data and leaderboards, you will be able to truly impact the interactive experience of the viewers with your content.

That being said, the below extension is excellent in terms of giving value to your current subscribers and gaining new ones. 

Should any of your followers be on the fence about whether to subscribe, prospective access to the exclusive content on your channel, like behind the scenes photos, members-only stories and videos, is a solid incentive to hit that “Subscribe” button. Whenever you post the content for your subscribers, both a panel and Twitch chat notification will appear for everyone on your channel, encouraging them to subscribe to gain these exclusive perks.

How To Set Up Subscribers On Twitch: Call-To-Action Panel

Apart from the customary “Subscribe” button that you have visible as an Affiliate or Partner, you could also create a customized panel.

Once you have decided on the right design consistent with your channel branding, you could link to your subscription page. To do that, input your channel name instead of the word ‘’channel’’ in the following URL: Then, just attach the link to the panel. Every time someone clicks on it, they will open up a separate window and could choose any of the tiers available. The page will appear in a more appealing and expansive format, compared to the traditional one on the channel.  

Try to avoid linking straight to the ‘’product’’ page, without first taking your viewers to the detailed tier breakdown. 

Seeing this straightaway will most likely cause them to abandon their desire to subscribe, unless you have a detailed panel that conveys all the corresponding benefits linked to the prices.  

How To Promote Your Stream: Pro Tips 

In this section, we are going to focus on practical avenues regarding how to get Twitch subscribers through social media promotion that are often underutilized in the community.


Discord has been the most popular communication platform for gamers and streamers, and is great for building a community.

By creating your own server, you will have a place for people to hang out and discuss both your streams and other topics of interest, forging a community bond in the process by creating and jumping into conversations, as well as announcing your live streams.

Enable an automatic notification on your own server whenever you go live so that your community is aware.

You could also roam around other communities’ servers and kindly promote yourself.

It is not uncommon to find ‘’self-promotion’’ sections where you can post a link to your stream to diversify the audience and potentially convert them into subscribers. 


Twitter offers your community another platform to interact with you outside Twitch. Do not just spam them with notifications that you are going live.

Instead, mix it up by sharing both your own opinions and engaging stream-related content. Use relevant hashtags like #smallstreamercommunity, #twitchstreamer and #twitchtv

In addition, follow people whose content you enjoy and retweet their posts for more exposure. 


Here people want to see your daily life. Share some posts and stories featuring your daily life and stream setup, to name a few. By being authentic with your community, you will gain more social legitimacy, stronger ties with people and be more likely to get Twitch subscribers money.

Also, use hashtags of the favorite games you play or stream gear brands you are using for a wider reach.


Start off by creating small montages of your stream highlights to enable people to relive some of the exciting moments that they have not seen live.

Then, try hosting some podcasts with fellow streamers to discuss hot topics in the gaming and streaming world to cross-promote and get this warmed-up audience to migrate to your Twitch channel.    

How To Get Money From Subscribers On Twitch Consistently

Continuously getting subscribers on Twitch requires recurring payments from people, and you need to keep them loyal for the consistent flow of money. 

  1. Subscriber Streams. Enable your chat and audience permissions via Twitch Creator Dashboard, and occasionally go live with your subscribers only. This way you will create a sense of exclusivity and show your appreciation for supporting your channel.
  2. Competitive Games. Play competitive matches with your subscribers and reward winners with prizes. For instance, a custom game of PUBG will do a good job here. Make sure to remember their usernames for a more personal touch while streaming.   
  3. Content Experimentation. Diversify your stream by playing around with the content you are streaming on a given day and graphics being displayed on the channel. People like variety and creativity, and would enjoy seeing new ways of engagement. 

Highest Subscribers Twitch Numbers

Gaining subscribers is a tough task but to get a lot of them and see the knowledge on how to grow on Twitch materialize requires creativity, persistence and patience.

Here is a current top 5 of Twitch creators, as of December 2019:

  1. xQcOW – 35,972 
  2. NICKMERCS – 23,852
  3. TimTheTatman – 23,716
  4. MOONMOON – 23,590
  5. DrDisrespect – 22,920

How to view Twitch subscribers 

You can check your subscriber count by going to Creator Dashboard > Analytics and then click on Channel. Scroll down a bit and you will see how many subscribers you have, their corresponding Tiers and revenue split. 

Final Remarks

There are a number of ways on how to gain Twitch subscribers. Work on your content offering, visual design, promote your stream and treat your subscribers accordingly, and you will see the numbers grow and money flow.

Learn more on how to make money on Twitch and how to grow your Twitch stream with our detailed guides. 

For some niche knowledge, we teach how to set up a donation button on Twitch in this article. 

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