How To Cheer Twitch Streamers With Bits: Guide For Viewers

Meta description: How to Cheer on Twitch: The only guide you will need to find out how to donate Bits on Twitch and support your favorite streamers!

Twitch is a multinational community of streamers and viewers alike who come together to enjoy and celebrate the beautiful moments of video gaming entertainment.  

In this article we will explore how you, the viewer, could support your favorite streamers and their respective channels through so-called Bits. The latter are animated virtual goods available for purchase on Twitch.   You can send Bits to support creators in chat during streams. Whenever a message is sent using Bits, it is called a Cheer.

How To Buy And Donate Bits On Twitch 

Before being able to spend Bits, you need to buy them. There are a few options to do that. 

You could go to the top of your Twitch screen on the desktop website and locate the ‘Get Bits’ button there.

Alternatively, when you are watching a stream, click on the Bits icon positioned to the left of the Emoticon one. This will open up the same button as on the top, allowing you to purchase Bits.

To buy Bits on mobile, press the similar Bits icon inside the chat box and locate the button at the bottom to purchase. 

That being said, if you worry that you might run out of Bits quickly, Twitch has got you covered with their auto-refill option. For this, you will need to have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled. To set up the latter, you need to have your Twitch account verified via email and have access to a computer – 2FA can only be set up via desktop. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Head to your security settings page.
  2. Select Enable Two-Factor Authentication.
  3. Enter your Twitch password.
  4. Enter your phone number.
  5. Enter the verification code you receive via text message 

Your account should now be secured with 2FA. 

Going back to the auto-refill, it could be installed right from the purchase confirmation page when buying your Bits by clicking ‘Setup Auto-Refill’ button, then Twitch will take you to a simple settings page. There you can choose a bundle that you would like to receive when the amount of Bits you have goes below a certain threshold.

Please note that the bundle can only be either the same or higher than the threshold you set. 

Regarding the pricing, we have constructed a detailed table to provide data on the financial commitment required to purchase various packages. More on that a bit later.

It is worth mentioning that if you are located in the US, there is an opportunity to receive Bits for free. Such freebies could be obtained by watching ads on the Twitch’s desktop website. 

Click the same ‘Get Bits’ button in the chat window and there you will see an option to watch an ad (a survey could also be given instead of an ad in some cases). Make sure you fully watch/complete it. After doing so, you will be notified of earning Bits for your efforts.  

The number could go up to 100 Bits, but most often is not substantial and varies between 5 and 10 Bits. It is completely free nonetheless. 

Please also note that the chat option to get bits will only be available on the channels of Twitch Affiliates and Twitch Partners, as they are the ones who are able to accept Cheers on the platform.   

What Do Bits Do On Twitch

So, you have equipped yourself with a nice package of Bits and are ready to Cheer.

How to give Bits on Twitch and what exactly their purpose is, are common questions amongst some viewers.

They are pretty much used to interact with your favorite streamers in a more engaging and vivid way, especially when something thrilling happens and you would like to express your emotions in a unique way. 

In order to Cheer, click the same Bits icon used when making a purchase. There you will see diverse Cheermotes. After you click on any of them, five tiers will be available for you to use. Each number stands for one Bit.                                                               

When you click on any of the Cheermotes, there will be an option to edit the number of Bits you would like to donate, like above 1,000 for the green tier.

On that note, if you wish to skip opening the window altogether, just type the word ‘cheer’ (without the quotation marks) in the message box followed by a number i.e. cheer100. This way a standard purple tier emoticon will appear for you to send. The same could be done for any level of Bits.

Should you wish not to disclose your Cheerer identity, there is a possibility to donate Bits anonymously. Just check the corresponding box within the window before Cheering. Neither emotes, nor messages will feature in this case.

To send Bits on mobile, you need to go through a similar process as on desktop. Hit the Bits icon in the chat box, choose the number of Bits, desired icon to Cheer and add your accompanying chat message.

Benefits Of Donating Bits On Twitch: Chat Badges And Leaderboard 

Apart from celebrating cool moments and raising emotional levels in chat, Bits offer you a number of intangible benefits as a reward for your support.

Twitch Bit badges are one of them. 

The more your chosen streamers receive Bits on Twitch from you the quicker you will see the badges change next to your name in chat. 

From grey to the ultimate golden color, each one of them is indefinite for the channel you have been supporting, but does not transfer to other ones when you join their stream conversations.

In addition to that, there is also a Top Cheerer leaderboard feature. Should it be enabled by the streamer whose channel you are supporting, the top 3 Cheerers will be shown in chat, and the leaderboard will be expandable to see the top 10, as well as your own ranking, irrespective of the position you sit at.

As an extra perk, the top 3 Cheerers will be granted special Chat Badges to signify their unwavering commitment to supporting the channel.

Depending on the streamer’s preference, the leaderboard will show either weekly, monthly or all-time results. 

Interesting Facts 

Similar to conventional money donations that you can send to streamers, Cheering with Bits is completely voluntary, but shows your appreciation for the creator’s craft. Sometimes the level of support is pretty hard to comprehend though. 

During one of the streams, arguably the most popular former Twitch streamer Ninja received 100,000 Bits ($1,000).

However, this was taken up a notch when a broadcaster named Lewdi was donated almost 550,000 Bits ($5,500) in one go. It is hard to convincingly state whether this Cheer would win the award for ‘Twitch biggest Bit donation’, but there is no doubt the love for Lewdi’s work was shown comprehensively.   

What is also interesting about such ‘tips’ is that there is no change of mind or chargebacks that could happen. Once the Bits bundle has been donated, no matter how big the amount is, it is there for the benefit of the streamer and cannot be refunded. 

How Much Are Bits Worth On Twitch         

There are a number of tiers with their corresponding prices in which you can buy Bits: 100, 500, 1000, 1,500, 5,000, 10,000 and 25,000. 

From every Cheer in chat, a streamer is able to make money on Twitch, namely 1 cent per Bit. 

Twitch Bits To Dollars ($) Conversion Worth in USD   Discount Streamer Receives in USD Twitch Receives in USD
100 1.40 N/A 1.00 0.40
500 7.00 N/A 5.00 2.00
1,000 (first time buyers only) 10.00 29% 10.00 0.00
1,500 19.95 5% 15.00 4.95
5,000 64.40 8% 50.00 14.40
10,000 126.00 10% 100.00 26.00
25,000 308.00 12% 250.00 58.00
1,000,000 (1 million) 12,320.00 N/A 10,000.00 2,320.00

The main payment methods you can use are: Amazon Payments and PayPal. Debit and credit cards are currently accepted in some regions. Depending on your location, there are some other extra options available.

For instance, this one below is for Russia, which pops up if you skip either  

Amazon or PayPal methods on the previous page.

In case you are wondering how to buy Bits to the tune of something higher than the maximum tier currently being offered by Twitch, you would need to purchase them via multiple transactions. 

For instance, two hundred thousand Bits would cost you $2,464. If it is one million that you desire to acquire, the price would stand at $12,320. 

Quick note: Twitch states that you could only store 250,000 Bits in your account at any one time. However, the purchase limit per day is 500,000. This does contradict the 550,000 one-time donation we referred to above, so there might potentially be an exception granted and some discounts, if you would like to go for a crazy Bits to dollars Twitch conversion. 


Twitch Bits are a great way to support your favorite streamers and engage with your peers by celebrating various cool moments in chat. The recognition you get through badges and leaderboards makes Bits appealing to enhance your entertainment experience, while also being able to contribute some monetary support towards the streamers and their channels. 

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