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Caffeine enters the “Streaming Wars”

Yehuda Sapir February 12, 2020

Today Caffeine announced that platinum recording artist, Drake will be joining the platform and will co-produce rap battles with the largest rap battle stage – Ultimate Rap League on the streaming platform. As a long time fan and dedicated URL subscriber Drake described the partnership as the perfect match, “I’ve always loved URL and admired what Smack and his team have been able to create, it just wasn’t easily accessible. It’s exciting to be in a position where I’m able to bring Caffeine to the table and help provide URL with the tools they need to elevate the viewing experience and make it more accessible to fans.

This is in addition to the platforms previous signing of other stars such as the rapper Offset who has been featured on Caffeine playing Black Ops 4, and female rapper Doja Cat who enjoys playing Sims 4 with the community. These high profile signings seem to indicate that the streaming platform is stepping up its game and has thrown itself into the heart of the “Streaming Wars” that are currently happening in the industry. 

The “Streaming Wars”, so to speak, started off back in August 2019 when Microsoft backed Mixer signed one of the streaming industry’s most popular streamers – Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. In an unprecedented move, the reimagined platform signed a lot of different talents (Such as Shroud and Ewok additionally) to exclusively stream for them in a bid to unseat Twitch from it’s seat as the king of Streaming. 

This incredible and previously unheard of move sparked a major bidding war for the industries top talent, with Google backed YouTube Gaming and Facebook Live entering the fray as well, as they maneuver to get as much talent as they could. And of course Twitch was quick to take preventive action by signing it’s remaining top streamers to exclusive deals in an effort to stem the bleeding and keep their talent with them. 

And now, it seems that Caffeine is intent on entering the battle! Caffeine is a live-streaming platform, that is entering a market that’s already crowded with companies fighting for attention. The company was founded by ex-Apple designer Ben Keighran to create a platform that can compete with traditional television broadcasts, and raised over $100 million dollars from 12st Century Fox. But what makes them different is their idea of who they want on their service, and their focus on doing everything that Twitch can’t; they aim to create a live TV experience for the kids who haven’t really grown up with it.